Sunset Location:

9035 Sunset Drive, # 203

Miami, FL 33173

Palmetto Bay Location:

9765 SW 184 Street

Miami, FL 33157   

Phone: (305) 308-0210 

Fax: (305) 273-2176 




Dr. Roberto Miki and Dr. Daniel Alfonso are committed to providing excellent patient care using the latest research-based knowledge, tools, and techniques to diagnose and treat hand and upper extremity conditions. To ensure the best outcome for the patient, Dr. Miki and Dr. Alfonso combine their expertise in diagnosis and treatment with state-of-the-art in-house diagnostic tools and top-notch Miami diagnostic centers and rehabilitation centers. 

Dr. Miki and Dr. Alfonso, both Miami natives, have left their prior practice in Miami to join forces and design a practice that has at its center overall patient satisfaction. The goal of the new practice is to combine the expertise that they have gathere d from training at the top universities in the nation, such as, Hospital for Joint Diseases, Yale, Columbia, Emory Medicine, Washington University, and from practicing in Miami for a decade with an understanding of the patient as a customer. With this end in mind, the practice focuses on minimizing wait times, increasing patient satisfaction with office staff, offering same week appointments, reserving some appointments for same day emergencies, and allowing for increased time with patients. With the overall patient experience as their goal, the main office is centrally located on Sunset Drive, minutes away from the hospitals and surgery centers that Dr. Miki and Dr. Alfonso are affiliated with. The office offers a spacious waiting area with ample parking. 

Come visit us and see what Miki and Alfonso Hand and Upper Extremity Center has to offer. 


Below an excerpt an article from The Community News:


Dr. Daniel Alfonso and Dr. Roberto Miki were quickly recognized as experts in the field of hand surgery when they each returned home to their childhood city of Miami. Both Dr. Alfonso and Dr. Miki grew up in Miami and after training at top facilities around the country, Emory, Washington University, Hospital for Joint Diseases, and Yale, both doctors, childhood friends from Miami, decided to return back to Miami and give back to the community they grew up in. 

Now after establishing themselves as leaders in the hand and upper extremity medical community, Dr. Alfonso and Dr. Miki have decided to start a new practice based on their goal of designing a practice that not only offers the latest in research-based diagnosis and treatment but also has as one of its central goals the experience and satisfaction of the patient.

Too often, especially in medical fields where emergency and trauma work is central, a patient can feel they have become a case and not a person here. Additionally, when pain is often the reason a patient presents, the importance of being heard and understood by a doctor whose goal is not only to fix the problem but also who has at the  forefront of their mind the experience of the patient is vital. Dr. Alfonso and Dr. Miki who have long established themselves as doctors who can “fix” the tough cases have now decided to design a practice that looks at the ‘whole picture’, a practice that couples their expertise in diagnosis and surgical and nonsurgical treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions with top-notch patient care.

Dr. Alfonso and Dr. Miki have opened two new locations: Sunset Medical Plaza (9035 Sunset Drive, Suite 203, Miami, 33173) and in Palmetto Bay (9765 SW 184 Street, Palmetto Bay, 33157). Appointments can be scheduled at either of these locations by calling 305.308.0210 .